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Geometric #6

Are you ready to choose a wallpaper?

Every painting on this website is for sale but if you wish to commission a portrait of your pet you just have to fill in this contact form, indicating the format and the wallpaper you would like. Then I write you back in order to discuss the details of the portrait.

The tariffs are linked to the difficulty of the painting. For instance a goldfish or a hamster usually require less work than a dog or a cat.

As for the model, I will ask you to send me your favorite photo (just the face for a big animal, the entire body for a small one). Don’t hesitate to send other pictures that could be used as color references for example. Please keep in mind that the final result of the portrait is strongly related to the quality and focus of the photographs you provide me with.

Once the portrait finished I send you a picture of it by email and I only send it to you if you are satisfied of it, as soon as the payment has been received.